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How it works
Your tag is waiting!
Visit the register and ask a store associate for YOUR tag. Thats it!
It works instantly
Start scanning your tag with every visit.There's no special activation required. Once you get your tag, you are good to go!
You have a prize!
Your tag records your points with every purchase. We'll alert you automatically when you win prizes. Its easy!
Frequent Buyer Clubs
No more filling your wallet full of punch cards! No more losing a card before getting to use it! Buy a coffee, and you're instantly added to the coffee club!
Instant Prizes
Every time you shop with your rewards tag you could walk away with one of many prizes. There are winners every day! You could be next.
Automatically earn 20 points for each dollar spent in the store and 10 points for every gallon of fuel you buy. Achieve a point level and win a prize!
Get a chance to win big prizes at our next drawing. Every time you shop and scan your tag, you get a chance to win!
Contest Rules, Program Terms and conditions
Rules, terms and conditions apply to this reward program. They are available on our website. You must agree to the terms and conditions of this program to participate. By scanning your tag at a rewards Touchpoint, you are signifying acceptance of pregame terms and conditions. If you do not agree,you may not participate.